Roommate Wanted in Williamsburg!

Sorry! The room is no longer available!

Questions, comments, complaints:

Looking for a clean, considerate, and fun roommate to move into this beautiful Williamsburg 4br. Notable features include a huge living room, a spacious bedroom, and all the exposed brick your heart desires.

The apartment is located on Graham Avenue, which offers all the things you love about Williamsburg and none of the things you hate about Williamsburg: plenty of coffee shops, but no tourist hordes. Though if tourist hordes are your thing, Bedford Ave is 5min by train and 15min by walk. McCarren Park is a 5min walk.

The current residents are three female Harvard grads, all working in the entertainment industry. The apartment is 4min from the Graham Avenue L, 10min from the Metropolitan Avenue G, and 1min from a Citi Bike station, if you're feeling athletic.

Move-in is Jan 1st, and we are looking for someone who can commit to at least 4 months, but hopefully even longer!

Rent: $1200/mo

Security Deposit: $1200 (Installments are ok!)

Utilities: Around $70/mo

The Bedroom:

  • Largest bedroom in the apartment
  • Spacious closet
  • Negotiable price for a large dresser and a full bed
  • Desk NOT included

The Rest:

  • Central air! And heat! 
  • Large living room with ridiculously high ceilings
  • Full kitchen with refrigerator, stove, oven, sink, lots of cabinet space
  • One bathroom with top-notch water pressure
  • Beautiful arched windows
  • Guest bed in living room

On this block alone:

  • Panini Shop
  • Liquor Store
  • Barbershop AND Salon
  • Delicious bakery/coffee shop
  • Laundry
  • Italian Restaurant
  • Deli/Bodega

Within five blocks:

  • Dollar store
  • Several Pizzerias
  • Mexican, Japanese, American
  • Several bars
  • Grocery store
  • Dry cleaning
  • More bodegas
  • More sandwich stores
  • Another laundry
  • Another wine store
  • Another coffee shop