Two By Friel

The Irish Repertory Theatre

"All four actors are excellent in roles that demand wit and emotional range.”

The New Yorker

"All four actors do strong work… there is serious and quiet pleasure to be had in that tiny room: Some tempests are best seen in teapots.”

TimeOut (Recommended)

Gorey: The Secret Lives of Edward Gorey

The Sheen Center

"The offbeat illustrator proves a rich subject for a play [...] The three constantly interact with each other, a lovely way to suggest Gorey's inner questioning."

The New York Times (Critics' Pick)

"The playwright and director Travis Russ has devised a brilliant solution for dramatizing this contradictory and solitary man: three actors, all of them excellent and in perfect tune with one another, play the artist simultaneously at three different ages."

The New Yorker

"The Secret Lives of Edward Gorey (handsomely produced by Life Jacket Theatre Company) is a visit to an old friend who always amuses and sometimes surprises."

TimeOut (Four Stars)


Compass Rose Theater

"Gillen delivers lines flawlessly, adding unsuspected meaning to the fabled 'to be or not to be' soliloquy."

The Baltimore Sun

"Hamlet (Phil Gillen) is a joy to watch [...] He delivers the famous soliloquies brilliantly."

DC Metro Theater Arts

"Phil Gillen is marvelous in the titular role. There are moments of sheer brilliance in his soliloquies and several more inspiring ones felt during moments shared with Horatio."


"Gillen is a first-rate actor. We get, from Gillen’s pained and dewy-eyed delivery, not only Hamlet’s world-sickness but also his impotence, and his feeling of self-disgust over that impotence. "

DC Theatre Scene